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Grogbuild FreeRange
The unbloated build for all.


About Grogbuild FreeRange

Starting of as the flashable Grogbuild images for just a few Enigma2 set top boxes, it has now developed to a build that should work on all Enigma2 boxes.

There is no need to dig out a spare USB stick to download the build to and flash from, any Enigma2 set top box that has open ATV installed can install Grogbuild FreeRange by just copying a single command line and when you put it on your Enigma2 box you will get the most upto date plugins at the time, unlike previous builds that may have had old versions installed.

If you like the build then a donation towards the hosting and bandwidth cost for the build files would be appreciated

No USB Stick

Normally with installing a build you need to download it to a spare USB stick and then flash. Grogbuild FreeRange does not need downloading and all the work is done on your internal storage.


Many builds are loaded up with extra plugins that you only need once or twice, Grogbuild FreeRange not only removes some unnecessary plugins that come with OpenATV but it also only installs a few additional plugins.


Normally if you want a build to install on your Enigma2 set top box you need to search for a build that has been built for your specific box. Not any longer, most Enigma2 box comes with or can have OpenATV installed, any box with Open ATV installed can install Grogbuild FreeRange.


  • Grog68's 'Add a Line' plugin installed
    If you use a line it can be added simply using this plugin, no need to copy files over
  • Grog68's 'Movie Organsisor' Plugin
    Our infamous Movie Organisor plugin used to arrange your tv recordings into folders.
  • Our own top pic script to update top images in the menu's on the Vskin skins.
  • Install with a single line of code
    Once OpenATV is installed on your box just cut the piece of code we give below into the terminal on your box and sit back and watch.
  • Most upto date at time of flashing
    As the plugins are downloaded during setup they are the most upto date versions at that time, unlike a prebuilt build which could be weeks or months old.
  • Update online via software update
    Utalising the ATV Software Manager you can update the software as often as you like, even our own plugins if we update them.
  • Works with all Enigma2 set top boxes
    As we do not use an image in Grogbuild FreeRange it will install in just minutes on any Engima2 set top box that has openATV installed.

Grogbuild FreeRange is built on a clean install of Open ATV. If you haven't already, then install the latest nightly build of Open ATV on your box, it can be version 6.1 or 6.2. Making sure you back up your settings before hand.

Installing Grogbuild FreeRange

If you have not flashed Open ATV then we have some instructions Here and once openATV is installed we can install and setup for Grogbuild FreeRange.
  • Step 1 : In your web browser open a new tab in the url bar type http://yourboxname ie if you have a zgemma h2h you would enter the url http://zgemmah2h, for a VU+Uno 4K you would enter http://vuuno4k, and you will see the OpenWeb Interface load up
  • Step 2 : In the menu on the left in the Extra's section you will see a Terminal link, click on this link and the virtual terminal will appear with a login prompt.
  • Step 3 : Login in by typing the word root followed by the enter key. Now copy the all of code below:

    wget --no-check-certificate -O ~/ && chmod 744 ~/ && ~/

  • Step 4 : Now in the OpenWeb Interface right click in the terminal window and select paste from browser and in the popup box press CTRL+V to paste the code and then click on OK.
  • Step 5 : Press the enter key and the installation will now begin and you will be asked if you want to restore your settings. I would answer yes if you backed them up BUT it will overwrite any settings just set by this settup, so if you have come from a different build some settings may not be correct.
  • Step 6 : You will no be prompted to change the box hostname, by default this is the name of the box, enter a new hostname and press enter, if you don't want to change the hostname then just press the enter key.
  • Step 7 : Depending on the tuners on your box you will now be asked for the netID (if cable tuner exists) and sky and freesat regions (if satellite tuner exists) - (not shown in video below)
  • Step 8 : You will now be asked to select the default skin you want to use, enter the number corresponding to the skin you want to use.
  • Step 9 : Sit back and wait for installation to complete.


Now the installation has completed it's time to setup

Setting up Grogbuild FreeRange

If you have restored your settings then your box should be ready and you do NOT need to do the following.
  • Step 1 : If your box uses an external usb storage then now is the time to plug it into your box if you haven't already.
  • Step 2 : If your storage device has not been used or initialed on an enigma2 box before then you need to do that now. Press the Menu button on remote and select Setup -> System -> Storage Device -> Initialisation -> YOUR USB DEVICE -> Red Button.
    Once the initialisation has completed, hold the power button on remote until a menu appears and select Restart Gui.
  • Step 3 : Make sure the storage device is mounted correctly by pressing the RED button on the remote and selecting Plugins -> Mount Manager Your storage device should be listed and should say Mount: /media/hdd.
    If it does just press the exit button until you exit the menus, if it doesn't press the Green button to Setup Mounts and using the Left/Right arrows on the remote change the mount until /media/hdd is selected and press the Green button to save. Answer yes if prompted to restart the box.
  • Step 4 : Now we need to just double check your NetID etc is set, if you don't know it check our NetID map and select the Town closest to you. Press the Menu button and select Setup -> Service Searching -> AutoBouquetsMaker->Providers
  • Step 5 :If wanting Freesat (ie no premium channels) change FreeSat UK to Yes and then using the left/right arrows on remote change FreeSatUK Area to the Area you wish to use. Change the bouquet settings for Freesat as you see fit. I personally just have Main bouquet set to Yes (All Channels) with the other bouquet settings set to no.
  • Step 6 : If you have a Satellite Line and want the remaining premium change Sky UK to yes and then set the Sky UK:area to your area, and then again set Sky UK: generate main bouquet to yes(All channels) and as above set the sky uk bouquet options as you want.
  • Step 7 : Now move down to Virgin (UK):Area and using the left/right arrow keys scroll through the list of Net ID's until the one you entered in tuner config above is highlighted. DO NOT change the bouquet options.
  • Step 8 : Press the Green button to save and then press the green button again to run a scan
  • Step 9 : Once the scan has completed, press the exit button 4 times to return to TV picture and then press the green button and select EPG-Importer. Now press the Blue button and select Rytec UK Sat/Virgin XMLTV to open the options and then select each of the 6 options so each box is ticked. Press the Green button to save.
  • Step 10 : Press the Yellow button to run a scan. Select yes when prompted. On the right you will see 'Importing: Rytec xxx' once the importing has finished it will show 'Last Updated' with the date.
  • Step 11 : Press the Exit button and then select Add a Line and you can use this plugin to enter your line details.
Please note the skins where created by Kiddac and if you like them I am sure he would appreciate a donation.



Just some of the comments left by users of Grogbuild

Great build mate. Everything up and running great

Installed on : Miraclebox Hybrid Mini, Edison os mini
and Vu+ solo se

The best build just got better! Thank you so much for your hard work

Installed on : Zgemma H52tc

Migrated from Ipab, this is far better. Many Thanks for your hard work Grog


Video Instructions

Cable Net ID Map

Use the map to find your location and click on the pin nearest to you for the Net ID

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